Hobo Lobo of Hamelin

Never knew the excitement you can receive with reading electronic literature until I entered this class. Hobo Lobo was one of my favorite readings I read thus far and the graphics and movements of the pictures/pages gave me more of an interests. I felt as though this specific literature made it easy to follow and made it more enjoyable for me to read. The images moved long with a text which gave it more of a movie feel for me almost like an illusion, as if everything goes together.  Navigating through the pages were simple, however, I didn’t notice that they were other options as far as navigating. As normal I was just pressing the ‘right arrow’ so I can move along in the story and it took me from page to page. However, I did have to catch myself a few times paying  attention more to the graphics rather than the actual words.

The color schemes were my favorite part of Hobo Lobo, especially the red one on the 3rd page. The way that some pages didn’t have words made it more appealing as I felt as though I was watching a movie and sort of going along with the pictures rather than the words.  Which gave you a chance to appreciate the graphics more than not.

The story itself was interested, the power that Hobo lobo endured reminded me of the big bad wolf, not only because he resembles a wolf but because of how he over used his power once he started getting rid of all the rats. The fact that the town and the mayor loved him I felt as though it made him feel more valuable than anyone else around him in town.



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