Icarus Needs

Right away I was intrigued wondering how am I going to get through this. Never been the biggest fan of comics or video games that wasn’t the Sims so I was hoping I would be good enough to finish it. As I’m writing this blog out I’m letting the music of the game play out in the back so I can sort of picture it as I’m writing.

Right away my character I’m like what is that? I liked how it didn’t look like a typical person but more like blocks of objects, just different forms of it i guess. Anyway, I loved the paneling of every block, it definitely gave me comic book vibes so that’s the first thing I noticed especially with the different shades of one main color. 

It’s funny cause at first I didn’t catch on right away to a lot of things. First, that Icarus was sleeping, THEN that I actually had to find these things that was in the “Icarus Needs” section. I’m running back and forth thinking that’ll make my character wake up LOL (silly i know, don’t judge). I was confused with some of the phrases he was saying, because of course , they didn’t make sense. I was sort of frustrated so I started over. Decided to kind of relax, take my time and play it as if it’s an actual game and not ‘homework.’ Then it started flowing. I understood what to do, where to go, how to maneuver throughout the house or outside area, etc. And came to the realization that all the confusing phrases were like actual thoughts that occur while dreaming (making little to no sense at all).
The orange outside area of the dream, “Do you often dream of flying?” was my favorite section of this entire game. The ending is what really got me with the whole ‘jumping’ thing cause I knew automatically game was over and he was about to wake up ’cause I’m sure we’ve all experienced the point where we’re about to do something drastic in our dream then all of a sudden the alarm goes off. They’ve definitely should’ve added an alarm at the end, now that I think of it.
Overall, I enjoyed it the second time around.

my e-lit piece

Though I haven’t 100% figured out how i’m going to complete my final e-lit piece, i do want it to involve one of my favorite creative writing piece. Poetry is one of my favorite form of expressions and I wanted to make it part of this e-lit piece by telling a story through photos. One of my past creative classes we had to write a poem about a picture he presented to us. I had this urge to write a story, a murder to be exact. One of my favorite shows is ‘Snapped’ and I instantly based my poem off that show because I felt as though it fit best with the picture (not exactly sure why). Any who, I’m basing my poem around this house while also basing my e-lit piece around having the audience solve the ‘mystery’ or figure out the story on their own. lonely house


Wow. Brainstrips definitely “stripped” my brain. Felt as though a lot was going on without the first section and i couldn’t really grasp the story at first without reading it again and again so that wasn’t my favorite section. The sound was so incredibly distracting that I wasn’t able to focus directly on the story. It definitely tests your mind in a way however, and try to make you to focus and make it more fun. Never been a fan of comic books or anime and things of that nature so I had a difficult time staying in order. Before even opening the questions being asked and I was automatically intrigued because these are valid questions in a sense.

The next part “Brain” was my favorite section because it talked about situations dear to my heart such as global warming, and animals and the entire idea of evolution. That section certainly WOW’d me in the sense when it stated… how apes are kept in a cage the size of an office and how those cages existed before offices. I mean we are very similar, the way they explained how apes draw, write, take anti-depressants from being in a small area. So similar to humans, it makes you go hmmm..

the informative part was also something that intrigue me because though these are simple facts some of it definitely surprises you about how we live and everything around us.  Oh then you find out your an idiot after taking the idiot test 😦

view ape thinking primate
things that make you go… “hmmmmm..”

Hobo Lobo of Hamelin

Never knew the excitement you can receive with reading electronic literature until I entered this class. Hobo Lobo was one of my favorite readings I read thus far and the graphics and movements of the pictures/pages gave me more of an interests. I felt as though this specific literature made it easy to follow and made it more enjoyable for me to read. The images moved long with a text which gave it more of a movie feel for me almost like an illusion, as if everything goes together.  Navigating through the pages were simple, however, I didn’t notice that they were other options as far as navigating. As normal I was just pressing the ‘right arrow’ so I can move along in the story and it took me from page to page. However, I did have to catch myself a few times paying  attention more to the graphics rather than the actual words.

The color schemes were my favorite part of Hobo Lobo, especially the red one on the 3rd page. The way that some pages didn’t have words made it more appealing as I felt as though I was watching a movie and sort of going along with the pictures rather than the words.  Which gave you a chance to appreciate the graphics more than not.

The story itself was interested, the power that Hobo lobo endured reminded me of the big bad wolf, not only because he resembles a wolf but because of how he over used his power once he started getting rid of all the rats. The fact that the town and the mayor loved him I felt as though it made him feel more valuable than anyone else around him in town.