Icarus Needs

Right away I was intrigued wondering how am I going to get through this. Never been the biggest fan of comics or video games that wasn’t the Sims so I was hoping I would be good enough to finish it. As I’m writing this blog out I’m letting the music of the game play out in the back so I can sort of picture it as I’m writing.

Right away my character I’m like what is that? I liked how it didn’t look like a typical person but more like blocks of objects, just different forms of it i guess. Anyway, I loved the paneling of every block, it definitely gave me comic book vibes so that’s the first thing I noticed especially with the different shades of one main color. 

It’s funny cause at first I didn’t catch on right away to a lot of things. First, that Icarus was sleeping, THEN that I actually had to find these things that was in the “Icarus Needs” section. I’m running back and forth thinking that’ll make my character wake up LOL (silly i know, don’t judge). I was confused with some of the phrases he was saying, because of course , they didn’t make sense. I was sort of frustrated so I started over. Decided to kind of relax, take my time and play it as if it’s an actual game and not ‘homework.’ Then it started flowing. I understood what to do, where to go, how to maneuver throughout the house or outside area, etc. And came to the realization that all the confusing phrases were like actual thoughts that occur while dreaming (making little to no sense at all).
The orange outside area of the dream, “Do you often dream of flying?” was my favorite section of this entire game. The ending is what really got me with the whole ‘jumping’ thing cause I knew automatically game was over and he was about to wake up ’cause I’m sure we’ve all experienced the point where we’re about to do something drastic in our dream then all of a sudden the alarm goes off. They’ve definitely should’ve added an alarm at the end, now that I think of it.
Overall, I enjoyed it the second time around.

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