Cruisinggggg… & UPDATE

The title, the imagery, the way you’re able to control how fast or slow the words and images past through truly made me feel as though I was cruising. Right away I hear a soft  calm female voice telling a story.

Cruising is an exciting literature piece of a teenager’s favorite memory in her small hometown in Wisconsin, as she’s racing up and down the main drag of Main Street, as the readers are doing, she’s looking to make connections, wanting love. “Requiring the user to learn how to “drive” the text,” was a great way to describe the piece and how the readers will be interacting with the literature.

At first I had a hard time getting the words and images to go the pace I needed it too in order for me to read the words correctly. When I finally got it to cruise at the right pace it became more evident the whole idea of this literature.


Considering the author being a teenager I definitely connected with her in my past years when it came to exploring and having an imaginative and creative mindset. You can tell within the piece and the vocabulary she uses that she’s definitely in her own little world.


I still have the same idea for my piece. And though I been looking through different tools in order to achieve my final literature piece I’m not 100% certain about which tool will be most suitable for my final idea.

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