Facade was one of my first experience with an interactive literature piece. Being the player, using your own name and gender, you’re visiting a old friend of yours that’s suppose to be a “nice get-together” that quickly turns awkward. Basically you’re suppose to respond to your friend Grace and her husband while not pissing them off, but by actually helping their marriage out (in a strange way). If they kick you out, you initially ‘lose the game’. I had to play twice before actually ‘winning’ the game. It was definitely awkwardly funny.

This electronic piece was one of my favorites. I actually swore I did a blog on it, because it reminded me so much of one of my favorite video games, “The Sims“. The fact that this piece was indeed a ‘game‘ made it that more interesting to ‘play.‘ I did find it more of a game rather than a literature piece because of the constant interaction and ending with a initial goal.

The best part of this game is the reality of it. There are times when you go to your families house and there’s an awkward situation going on and you’re sitting there all weird “LORD, MAKE IT STOP!”

If you haven’t, i’m sure you felt the awkwardness during this game. I enjoyed it. And even showed it to my brother to give him a little idea of what “Electronic Literature”. He enjoyed it just as much as I did, oh and lost the first time coming around too. Overall, one of my favorite pieces. Definitely a game over a literature though. (In my opinion)

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