Like Stars in a Clear Night

This piece was soothing and one of my favorite hypertext poems. At first I wasn’t sure on the language but after learning it was Arabic I was intrigued. The background automatically made me feel relaxed, and calm on a ‘clear night’. The narrators voice was very soothing as well and went along well with the music in the background.


屏幕快照 2018-12-04 下午3.35.54

The vocabulary used within the literature also brought comfort and a sense of relaxation as I was reading along the way. Most of the poems are familiar in a way and sort of falling in love. The quality of most of the narrative is very romantic and shows a lot of personality within the writer and their (lover). “My water likes to dance,” the amount of metaphors and personification that these poems contained gives the piece a more meaningful meaning. It allows the reader to explore their imagination on a different level as well.

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