Separation / Séparation

I was having a hard time deciding which Electronic Literature piece would be perfect for me. This class in general was a challenge but I wanted to make sure I chose something that I can not only relate too but others can as well.


Separation / Séparation by Anne Abrahams is an interactive piece that has exercises within the poetry. The reason I felt as though that myself and everyone of my classmates can relate to it because everyone in class has a laptop. I use my laptop for notes and lectures in every single one of my classes. The text was written under the effects of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), which can be a result of sitting in front of a computer screen for a significant amount of time. The exercises are within the poem and as you continue to click through you’re interrupted by an exercise that can prevent RSI. I found myself enjoying these exercises more than I thought. The best part about this piece is that if you click too fast, the literature interrupts you AGAIN and let’s you know that the way you are clicking shows that “You don’t have the right attitude in front of your computer.”

Image result for separation electronic literature
This “warning” kinds of gives you a different attitude as you continue to click through the poem. Gives you a moment to appreciate every…single….word. Each exercising was liberating and I definitely felt the separation between me and my computer screen.
I hope you guys enjoyed this piece as much as I did, and I got a nice good stretch cause I certainly did.


I’m sorta of getting the hang of my literature piece, I already started with the “Slides” App  I just hope it all falls into place with how I originally wanted to end it. However, as I’m going along with with my story it may be a little harder than I thought on how to tie everything together to make it into a mystery. Worst comes to worst I will forget the ‘mystery’ part and leave it a story. Either way I think everything is coming along well 🙂



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